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What makes our ministry unique is the fact that Brother Mayo's 33 years of full time world evangelism gives him a unique perspective in ministry. He has for decades, been one of the most sought after speakers in the world.



Part of Brother Billy’s testimony was his involvement in the Rock music culture of the 70’s.He was a Rock Drummer and Radio DJ. His personal involvement began with a seven year journey of seemingly endless drunken nights, bright flashing lights, one night stands, and cocaine addiction …Brother Billy’s “magical mystery tour” sprang from Gainesville, Florida. Gainesville is home to the University of Florida Gators and the birthplace of such well known rock bands as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Sister Hazel. Two founding members of the Eagles have connections to Gainesville as well.

At the end of seven years, living the life style of a typical 70's rock musician and DJ Billy Mayo's world come crashing in on him. His years of drug addiction and alcoholism had taken its tragic toll physically, emotionally, and mentally. In the end, just his weight loss and physical appearance became so shocking that his onetime band mate, now one of his drug dealers, refused to sell him any more drugs assuming that it would kill him. After numerous demonic encounters and startling Divine Interventions, life changed dramatically for Billy Mayo. Shortly after his final suicide attempt, this emaciated, broken, used up and forgotten, local celebrity finally began to cry out to the GOD of his childhood, the only true GOD.

Largely because of the prayers of his Christian mother, Bro Billy had a dramatic encounter with the ONLY ONE who could save him, JESUS CHRIST… On that day, March 29, 1980, GOD, in HIS infinite LOVE and MERCY pulled him up out of the cesspool of his life and set him upon the Rock OF Salvation...JESUS CHRIST. One touch from GOD, and years of drug and alcohol addiction melted away, the stain of sin washed clean. For the first time in his life, he could see clearly. In an instant, explosive moment of time, Billy Mayo had been translated by the power of GOD. He moved from rock bottom to the REAL ROCK…JESUS CHRIST! Not only was Billy Mayo miraculously and gloriously saved that day, but his now wife Karen, was also saved as they both knelt down together, on the floor of an old dilapidated trailer and asked Jesus to save them and deliver them!

Billy Mayo's story of Hope and Triumph over alcohol, drug addiction, and occult involvement has been told in major newspapers nationwide including The Atlanta Journal and The Tampa Tribune. Billy Mayo's ministry has been featured on hundreds of local newscasts and national television networks. Radio stations across America and his story has been told in foreign countries as well He has made appearances on The Christian Television Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network ,CTN, The Dove Television Network, HIS RADIO Network, The Super Channel 55, Moody Broadcasting, and many more. Billy Mayo has been featured on NBC's “Today Show”, CNN, VH-1 and numerous local stations.

Billy Mayo's travels have taken him across America and to other nations of the world including Nigeria, Germany, Ghana, Mexico, Belgium, the Netherlands, Kenya and the Bahamas. He has spoken face to face to over three million middle and high school students in public school assemblies across America. Millions more were touched through his miracle evangelism crusades, newsletters, tapes, videos, and presence on the internet. Billy's "Journey Thru Rock Live!" and "Kidz-N-Krisis” Crusades have reached multiplied thousands throughout America and abroad recording over one half million conversions for Jesus Christ.

It was Billy Mayo, in 1980, who discovered and exposed hidden subliminal messages contained in some secular music. He exposed some of the first known hidden messages beginning with Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles and continuing even now with some of today's secular groups. These hidden, secret messages were super speed, sub speed, and distorted messages, which were usually contained in the "hook" of the song. The messages were masked FORWARD, and sometimes backward, in an attempt to deliver subliminal suggestions to unsuspecting fans. The PRIMARY message of the Rock Culture and its subcultures however, has NEVER been subtle. It is quite blatant. 

Billy Mayo is a pioneer in producing, hosting, and airing some of the first thirty-minute Christian talk shows on secular radio. Many of these shows featured some of the first Contemporary Christian Music in America. In 1980, Billy Mayo launched his first show. He called it "SonRise" and it aired on six different secular stations throughout the Southeastern United States before year’s end. These shows featured Contemporary Christian Music and testimonies of born-again Christian celebrities and early Christian leaders. He used Contemporary Christian Music as a Platform to reach those of his generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Billy interviewed such well known celebrities as Little Richard, Jerry Clower, Chris Collinsworth- former Cincinnati Bengal wide receiver and nationally known sportscaster, Laura Boone Browning- Pat Boone’s daughter, Rick Stanley- stepbrother of Elvis Presley, Keith Thibodeaux who played Little Ricky on “ I Love Lucy”, Demond Wilson, who played Lamont on “Sanford and Son” just to name a few.

Brother Billy also interviewed many other prominent pioneering Christian leaders. They include Roger Breland and Truth, Ike Reighard, Moody Adams, Dave Summerall, nephew of Lester Summerall, Ben Kinchlow, Marcus and Joni Lamb, Claud Bowers, Jimmy and Joann Thompson, Bob D’Andrea, Allen Henderson, Phil Derstine and many more. Billy Mayo also had on his show, and shared the stage with, some of today’s most powerful and talented ministers including Karen Wheaton, David Huff of David and the Giants,Truth,members of Avalon, Point of Grace,Little Big Town, Babbie Mason, Russ Lee, Charles Billingsly Eddie Carswell- one of the Founding members of NewSong, 4-HIM, Newsboys, and Cindy Morgan.

He and his daughter Destiny La'el have shared the platform and ministered with Truth, Point of Grace, Clay Cross, Audio Adrenaline, Rebecca St. James, Crystal Lewis, Russ Lee, Jentezen Franklin, Johnny Hunt, Jeff Fenholt, Babbie Mason, Nikki Leonti, just to name a few. Destiny La'el is a former winner of Atlanta Fest's National Talent Search and performed live at the event that draws tens of thousands each year.

It was Billy's great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet and invite many of today’s young ministers to share his platform in the early days of their ministries. They have become powerful ministers in their callings and are reaching their generation for Christ. Some who Billy Mayo considers his spiritual sons and daughters are JJ Turner Everett, Bradley Webber, Clayton King, The Sites Sisters, Jake Gulledge, Margie Bear, Shawn Patrick Williams, Forson Swanzy, and many others who have been touched by this man's life and ministry.

From thousands who were saved at Billy Mayo Crusades over the years, hundreds are today pastors, youth pastors, praise and worship leaders, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, music artists, and more reaching their World with the Word! 

Billy Mayo and his wife Karen recently celebrated 33 years of marriage. Their two daughters, Destiny La’el and Bethany, are both accomplished vocal artists who have appeared with their father in his Crusades and media events ministering in song since they were young children. Currently, La'el manages a women's clothing store and is ministering in the Praise and Worship Band in a local church.Bethany holds a Masters Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida and is a teacher in the Public School System. Both La'el and Bethany minister in song on weekends. Rev. Mayo is a writer, thinker, consultant and noted teacher of the word of GOD. He is active in evangelistic crusade ministry, church and youth revivals, outdoor festival events, and media interviews throughout America and Third World Countries. Billy Mayo is also a much sought after motivational speaker for high school assemblies and on college campuses as well as corporate events.

He is also a Mentor and currently mentors and equips young ministers in churches and ministries. The ministry family includes Pastors, Youth Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers, and Christian Musicians, orphanages, Christian schools and more in America and over 15 countries worldwide.

Billy Mayo holds Masters of Divinity and  Honorary Doctorate of Divinity degrees. He is ordained as a minister of the gospel with the S.B.C. HE RECEIVED HIS  HONORARY DOCTORATE OF DIVINITY FROM TRINITY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.. Brother Mayo is currently working on his autobiography that will chronicle his life and ministry experiences spanning over one half century.





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